Many business and home owners rely on safes for protection and security. The safes themselves rely on a safe locksmith to keep everything working smoothly. Many safes should be maintained once a year or more often if used frequently. Having a safe locksmith from Dixie Lock & Safe look at and maintain your safe is a great way to save money. It is much easier to repair a safe while the door is open. We can open locked safes, we can change the combination or we can even upgrade your safe to a digital lock. Don’t like your digital lock ? want the dependence mechanical ‘tumbler’ lock? Dixie can do that too. We provide professional safe opening, safe repair, safe drilling and safe-cracking. If you need a safe locksmith, Dixie Lock is the place for you.

Open Locked Safe / Safe Opening

Dixie Lock & Safe can open your locked safe. If you've lost the combination or the combination you have doesn't work , we can help. We open all sorts of safes from small fire safes to large banker safes & vaults.

Combination Changes

Has a employee left with the combination to your safe? It is best practice to change the combination every time an employee with the combo leaves the business or every year at least. This helps prevent people from exhaustively finding out the code when they have one or more numbers already. Stay safe and keep the combination fresh and have the safe looked at every year.


Safes can fail , like anything mechanical. The problem with safes is that if you don't maintain your safe the cost of opening it can exponentially grow. The reason for this, it's much easier to diagnose a problem with a safe when it isn't locked and there is a way to see what is going on. Accessing the parts to repair is much easier if the technician has the door open. If you wait till the door is locked shut, the technician will have to open the safe, repair any methods of opening and then maintain and repair the safe. Much easier to get an oil change now then to wait for the engine to seize for you car enthusiasts.

Safe & Vaults

If you have a small fire safe, lock-box, or antique coin safe we can help. If you have a large vault meant for housing high valuable items we are also prepared for that, we are able to help with anything in between. If you have a safe at home, your store, or institution you should save our number and have your safe maintained before it becomes an issues.


We sell all kinds of safes.

Fire Safes

Safes meant for storing documents, media and fire sensitive materials. Usually not designed to store high value items.

Jewelers / Burglary Safes

Safes meant for protecting high value items. Great for Cash, Gold, Jewelry . TL Rated and above.

Deposit Safes

Safes that allow deposits by employees but has measures to prevent unauthorized removal of cash/float/receipts.

Composite Safes

These safes are usually TL rated and also carry a fire rating. These safes can be quite expensive but serve multiple purposes.

Used Safes

All the safes listed above, at a fraction of the cost! A great way to save money. All of our used safes are serviced and maintained regularly.

DIXIE even offers Emergency Services.


Safes can fail to open for many reasons. The lock can simply wear out. Prior to lock failure there may be many signs however are slight and may go unnoticed until it's too late. Electronic Safes use batteries and suggest when your safe lock sounds or acts strange to check the battery. Over time internal safe parts wear, dials become loose or combination sequence and numbers are forgotten.

Dixie Lock & Safe has highly trained professionals who will open your safe in a timely and confidential manner, and will ensure that your safe opens without compromising any of the contents inside of it. If you need your safe opened or have an emergency safe opening situation where you lost the combination to, we will open your safe. In a situation that requires a safe to be drilled, the safe opening is done by a qualified safe technician. In addition to the training, skills and experience required, some of the tools we use to perform safe opening include: Borescopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High Speed Drills. Call us today for safe repair, opening, or safes sales.